2021/06/10 如何正確挑選一台紙鈔機

                                How to choose your validator?

1. 首先必須了解要接收的紙鈔寬度與面額。(可向本公司查詢各國紙鈔的寬度)
    First, you need to know the width of the banknotes accepted.
    (For the width of every country's banknotes, you may ask us.)

2. 選擇您所需要的紙鈔機的錢箱張數,或是無錢箱的紙鈔機。
    Choose the size of the cashbox or without cashbox bill acceptors.

3. 當瞭解紙鈔的寬度後,再選擇你所需要的紙鈔機收鈔模式,如水平、從上至下模式、從下至上模式…等。
    After you know the width of the banknotes, choose the way of accpeting banknotes, for example,      
    horizontal postition.

4. 紙鈔機產品的通訊介面為何?一般較為常用的介面為pulse(脈衝)、RS232、ccTalk、parallel(平行)、  
    What protocol of the bill acceptor do you prefer? Generally, there are protocols such as pulse,
    RS232, ccTalk, parallel, USB, and MDB.
    (Due to the interface of the bill accpetor may varies, you may ask us if you have any questions.)